Folk U Class-Pass

Folk U Class-Pass

Folk University is a small, grass-roots organization that neither has it’s own charity status nor relies on big granting organizations. Instead, Folk University relies on Cortes Organizations and individuals for support. It doesn’t take a lot of money to run, it takes a community each giving in their own small way. The annual class-passes are the most popular way to help support Folk University. The class-pass costs $50 (or $100 for a family) and gets the holder into Folk U Friday Lunchtime Talks for free and entitles the holder to discounts on all the workshops, programs, and even movie nights that Folk University hosts during that academic year.

Don’t have $50? Don’t worry! Folk University relies on thousands of hours of volunteer time. We will gladly exchange 10 to 15 hours of volunteer time or even some consumable goods for a class-pass.

To sign up for your class pass email u at folku dot ca today!

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