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Folk University is a project of Cortes Literacy in partnership with Cortes Islanders

At a time when our ideas and differences are being used to bring us further apart, can we as an island of people use these same tools to build us each up? We are an island blessed with riches of resources, learning, arts, writing, music, wood work, hand work, gardens, scientists, multiple generations, and beauty. Living on Cortes still provides an opportunity to appreciate that slower kind of learning… the kind for which we have had to work. Folk U is an opportunity to delight in curiosity and grow in community.

Folk University. What do you know? Share it.

Cortes Literacy Now’s Mission

Building community through literacy. 

Cortes Literacy Now’s Vision

Cultivating curiosity, compassionate discourse, and a lifetime of learning for the whole community.

What is Folk U?

A chance to bring Islanders together to share what they know (and have fun doing it).

Literacy Hub

What other literacy programs are there? Literacy is for everyone of all ages. And we’ve got a lot going on. Learn about all the programs.

The History of Folk University

This fall, Cortes Literacy Now is launching an inaugural season of Folk University…. a kind of education for and by the people of Cortes. The series is modelled after the Folk High School and the folkeuniversitets in Germany, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark which provide adult education, usually without the affiliation of a university.